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In this age everybody tells their story. Containing photos, videos, texts or in any combination imaginable. The one reporter is a magician with words, the other has a sharp eye for the right shot from the right angle. More and more stories are told, created with your smartphone. Now imagine a mobile app and platform that allows you to create a professional video story within minutes, offering all features the professionals use. An app that helps you create, edit, store and share your story with all common platforms? In may 2020 Your Storyz will be available.

Create, edit, store and share your stories

With Your Storyz everybody can create a story that really engages with the audience. As a reporter you will be amazed with the simplicity and you’ll love the result. The platform allows you to add your style and signature and use this in every story with dynamic profiles and workflows. In the app you can create a story from multiple shots, clips and photos, arrange them according to your storyboard, add transitions, lower3rds, titles, logo’s and color schemes that fit your desires. You can add metadata, descriptions and hashtags, and best off all you can simultaneously publish on socials, store on cloud locations or ingest in enterprise systems like newsroom and MAM.

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The stories you want to tell can now be created and told either by your team, by individuals or the crowd. You only have to instruct, review and publish.

As a publisher or broadcaster the platform allows you to make use of the crowd journalism pool Your Storyz offers. You can receive your pre-edited news items within minutes, but you can also ask unknown storytellers to create a story on a topic you need and receive this via the platform. Imagine you want to be the first to have a video of the amazing goal in the cup finals, and one of our users in the front row seat has this recorded for you. Wouldn’t you broadcast is directly from this angle? Now you can.