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Storytelling for small and medium businesses for marketing communication teams

€240,- / 3 months


Customized workflows for enterprises, news companies and events.


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Features Free Single Business Custom

1080p Video

4k Video

Music editing

Ai content creation

Automated transcription

Automated translations

Automated subtitles

Multiple licenses

Rights & Roles

Workflow setup

Pre roles

Post roles

Custom lower thirds


Frequently asked questions

Yes  you can. Simply select the pack that suits you. If you want to know more about different options for customization, or need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

If you want to downgrade, simply stop the in app purchase in your appstore  or playstore settings.

As from the next upcoming renewal date you will automatically go back to free user. 

Remember that onze you go back to free, you won’t be able to use brandstyling anymore. Published videos will remain on the phone in the app.

Yes you can. As a free user you can upgrade to a paid user via in app purchases (Apple and Android). Once you did, you can login to the dashboard and change your appearance, your workflow and set up departments as you like. 

Yes you can. 
1) You can create a department for every brand or product category or business unit. As a paying customer you can create an unlimited list of departments.
2) You can style each department according to brand guidelines
3) you can setup and assemble different user groups per department and manage the rights and roles for your team members
4) You can also define a different workflow for each department.

Maximum flexibility for you.

Yes we do. And yes we invite you to suggest features to us. 
– We are working on the all over performance of the rendering (speed and quality).
– We are working on automated subtitles in the video
– We are testing a ‘Go Live’ button in the app
– We will be including music to the app

Yes in many different ways. 
1) the website and app adjusts languages according to your smartphone settings. So for instance, if your smartphone is set to English the app will be in English.
2) the dashboard has 4 languages it supports being; English, German, French and Dutch
3) the AI in the app transscribes the voice over audio and generates blogs and social posts in 5 languages being; English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French (tekstfiles can be found in the Dashboard).

Yes we are happy to. Please check our YouTube channel for explainer videos and tutorials. We thibk you will like our introduction video as well. 
Sometimes you might want to see a full demo. We are happy to demonstrate the full power of our app and platform to you and your team. 

YourStoryz is an app for easy editing and fast publishing. By using the clips you shot with your camera and combining them in a videostory you are able to create engaging stories in your style. Filters and color schemes added by you will also be visible in the app. You can record slowmotion, hyperlapse video, boomerangs and more, and use these clips in the YourStoryz app.

We keep it simple, offering you the basic, but most used editing functions.

Connecting channels can be done via the dashboard ( YouTube is connected via a simple click and connect option. Websites, PAM, MAM, cloud and Newsroom systems require custom connections in order to insert YourStoryz in your workflow. Please contact us to discuss your wishes. 

In the dashboard ( you can click the edit button. In this page you will have the option to: 
– add a logo;
– change the fontcolor
– change the background color of the lower thirds;
– upload your custom lower third (transparant .PNG)
– upload a pre-roll video promo
– upload a post-roll promo

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