Some stories need to be told

With YourStoryz you can create, edit and share your video stories with your audience. Get your video message across, share it horizontally or vertically, via channels your audience prefer. Share on social media, streaming platforms, narrowcasting, broadcasting, websites, via whatsapp, or telegram. Tell your stories, straight form your smartphone (IOS or Android) to your viewers.

Create, edit and publish your Storyz

YourStoryz offers a platform and mobile app that makes storytelling in video easy, fast, effective and efficient. Weather you are a news organization, a business or brand, or a content creator. With YourStoryz you are able to edit real stories. Create after movies, conduct interviews, create product presentations, registrations of events, tutorials or e-learning videos. Stich your clips and shots to one complete story, include stills and photos, add a voice over, include your brandstyle elements, brand colors, and include rights free music. Publish straight from the smartphone to your channel of choice or store the videos in our included archive.

Top 3 reasons to start now:

  1. it is easy to explain, describe and show in a video
  2. everybody has a smartphone, so anyone can be a reporter
  3. stories are created within brand guidelines, so you will enjoy a consistent brand style in every video


Furthermore it is easy to use, fast and flexible, but most off all efficient.

Generative AI included

Video’s created with the app are automatically completed with transcriptions, blogposts and social posts in 5 languages. 

When it comes to developing professional content, the misconception often arises that it requires a significant amount of time. Translations take time. Editing programs require skilled editors. And digital recording devices are expensive and vulnerable. Fortunately, we have a solution to address these concerns. Introducing the YourStoryz app, a tool that allows you to effortlessly create and upload high-quality videos within a matter of minutes. The integrated AI engine, transcribes the audio in the video to text, in 5 languages and it provides you with a blog and a social post text to accompany your video story. 

Languages: French, Dutch, German, Spanish, English

Your videoteam creating stories for you

Your team and guest reporters working together.

With your account setup, you can connect content creating teams. Your audience can use the free app to contribute their stories for customer reviews, after movies, testimonials e.g. Your marketing team can create brand stories on the spot, and you can share your views, insights and learnings in video via your favorite platform. Manage roles, and channels in our platform, and start telling your stories. 

 You can create your team of content creators in your account, you can gather their videos in our archive online and set up rights and roles to manage your storytelling. In your account you decide how your workflow, flows. 

What our users say

The Impact Hydrogen Learning Platform educates engineers and professionals about Hydrogen generation in different areas of the world. 

Alex Plat: “YourStoryz is great for anyone who wants to quickly create professional looking content in video and text.”

Alex Plat
Entrepreneur and project manager, Impact Hydrogen