Which interaction fills your needs

YourStoryz transforms your videos into captivating interactive journeys. Envision your viewers not only watching but actively participating—clicking an ‘Order Tickets’ button, voting on content, or following a link that directly boosts conversion rates. Elevate the experience with an enthralling picture-in-picture display, framing another video within your current one. Engage, interact, and convert with YourStoryz—the gateway to making every viewer a part of your story.

Sportsclubs can add interactive votings on goals and scores: And (watch till the end) have fans engage in win competitions).

You can add permanent buttons for ordering tickets (also in vertical):
We can offer ‘picture-in-picture’ view and add clickable IFrames so for instance ticket-ordering modules can be used in the videoplayer:

These interactions are available for our paid users.

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