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The story of YourStoryz

YourStoryz is a App and platform created by ShareStoryz GmbH, Munich Germany.  The concept was born when Stefan, Aurelién and John sat together and discussed the amazing quality smartphones offer in video content creation. We asked ourselves ‘Why do we still use super expensive high end camera’s when everyone has a 4K camera in their pocket?’ 

A mobile solution for the storytelling industry
As we are a team of professionals in the broadcasting industry we heard customers discuss the posibilities for using the smartphone and how it would help them enormously. it would be of great value if it would be possible to harvest the videoclips of creatives in the frontline, using their phone to film, create video stories and share these videos on their socials. So we decided to create an app and platform that could do this with hardly any effort or technical knowledge needed.

YourStoryz is ‘born’
Have creatives share their content with you, to publish, use, monetize and put you on the frontline again. Connected to your PAM, MAM, Storage, Newsroom but also to YouTube, Jet-Stream, Kinescope, X-Dream Fabrik, Woody Technologies and more..

Our Team

One app, one platform for your video stories

The solution
With YourStoryz.com organizations can efficiently and effectively start with video storytelling. Weather it is to tell brand stories, to create tutorials, to engage on social media, enhance user experience or to boost your marketing efforts, YourStoryz has got your back. With a basic affordable monthly fee your brand team can create videos for any purpose. or have a freelancer create video stories, or allow customers to contribute their unboxing videos to your account and even straight to your communications channels (narrowcasting, web, social media, streaming,  video on demand (VOD)). 
Download our app for free for IOS and Android and start storytelling yourself.

The scalable business model

Video has a high impact in any marketing strategy, and is growing Year tot Year. (link to our article: Impact of video). But in order to create engagement with video on social media you might need to double your budget? Or not. With our app and platform you stick to the budget, but will boost your brand value, fan engagment and marketing ROI instantly. 

For investors

Sharestoryz GmbH, situated in Munich (Germany) wants to grow. Investors are invited to join our journey and be part of our story. We love to tell you more, so let’s start the dialogue. 
You can also plan a meeting at CES Las Vegas, as we re there in January 2024 (Booth 62100)

Plans for every stage of your creator journey


Wanna be a reporter and create and share your videostoryz? Sign up for a free account. You have access to all functionalities, editing, voiceover, transitions and more.

€0,- / 3 months




You can personalize, style and brand your video stories via our back end. You can publish to your channels and the channels of the brands you work for with no limitations.

€27,- / 3 months




You can manage all users of our app through our workflow and distributions dashboard. Connect publication channels and assign users to the channels for which they create your stories.

€240,- / 3 months





Get it all and connect to every channel, application and procestool. As an enterprise user you already have your workflow clear. In that case let us connect to your workflow.

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