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Video stories simply shared

In today’s digital age, storytelling through video has emerged as a powerful tool for Newscompanies as well as for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to engage with their audience, share insights, promote their brand, and drive growth. Content creating organizations and SMBs can harness the potential of smartphone-created videos shared on social media, websites, and narrowcasting to unlock new opportunities, adres new audiences and elevate their engagement strategies. 

Help your clients create the stories they wanna tell

Your clients use online communication channels, and might have a CDN, or content distribution infrastructure in place. But the need for engaging content remains. You can help your clients with YourStoryz. 
Connect YourStoryz to the systems your clients use, and support them in creating video stories, either with their own team, or with the connected guest reporters that can contribute engaging video stories to their channels. 

For your Clients:

  • Cost effective
  • Authentic
  • Agile content creation
  • Omni-channel (social, web, mobile)
  • Measurable, data driven
  • Competitive
  • Measurable ROI 

For you as a reseller:

  • A white label content creation solution
  • Integrated in existing systems
  • Recurring revenue share

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Using YourStoryz

Application workflow

Recording video

YourStoryz connects to your filmroll in your phone. You create the clips and photos with your camera. Vertical or horizontal. Ingredients to a story.

Build a story

Combine clips and photos to a chronological story. Clips and shots and photos in the right order create a story worth telling.


You can edit and enrich your story. Add overlays in your brand style, trim and create transitions. You can easily add a voice over or music. Your Story comes to life.

Add metadata

Meta data helps you proces the content. We take this to the next level with AI. A transcription, GEO data, and a generated social post and blogpost is provided. And off course we add automated tags.


The workflow setup allows you to directly publish to socials, web and other channels, but you can setup your on workflow, connect industry standard MAM, PAM and CDN solutions. Straight from the app in your system

Dashboard function

General Dashboard

Company menu

Reporter menu

The general dashboard is the place to fill in or update your personal profile. You can manage invitations you have gotten from different companies. With the right plan, you have the possibility to invite other people to your company.

In the company menu you can edit all your companies. Meaning you can edit the branding style that you want to apply for your companies, think about the logo or colors. You will see an overview of your companies and can add people to different functions in your company. Also you’ll get the ability to link your company to different departments.

In the reporter menu you will have an overview from all your published stories. You are able to connect your personal channels. And you have the ability to choose your appearance in the app.

Intergrating YourStoryz in your current systems

YourStoryz offers the possibility to be intergrated in your current workflow. As of now there are a few different systems where YourStoryz can be intergrated to.

What our users say

“ For anyone who wants to quickly make professional looking content. ”

Alex Plat
Entrepreneur and project manager

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